When I’m not shooting you, I’m hanging out with my kids or down at our allotment getting my hands in the dirt. My children inspire me to slow things down because whilst life with little ones is wild and unpredictable, it’s also fleeting. Motherhood is beautiful, exhausting, messy and life affirming and I truly believe that documenting their childhood in an uncurated and honest way is one of the greatest gifts I can give them. I want them to have a record of this time in their lives - not just photos of birthdays and holidays, but images that record the everyday messes and moments. It’s all too fleeting.

I also love to shoot stills, quiet moments stolen from an otherwise busy, and full life. Creating these frames keeps me grounded and allows me to pause. I love to capture the seasons and the way the light is always and endlessly shifting and changing. I’m always looking for the light.

Here’s a piece of me in a series of photographs…

Polly is amazing at making everyone feel relaxed while she’s shooting. We barely noticed her taking the shots. The result - truly natural pictures that capture our family beautifully.