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Creative Newborn Photographer, Victoria Park, London

As newborn lifestyle shoots go, this one is right up there in my memory bank of keepers.

I find the bigger a family is, the more colourful and flamboyant the shoot. I loved the light and quirks in this house. The way each family member had their turn holding teeny tiny Darcy close and sitting for me to take their portraits with her.  Whilst those images were more traditional portraits, I love how each is unique reflecting the personalities of each family member.

In between the moments of calm there was a lot of life in this session - inevitable with 2 older kiddos darting about the room. I really like that sense of movement, after all life with kids is messy.

The result of our time together is a higgeldy piggeldy collection of images full of light, love and playfulness. Just as all good family sessions should be ;-)



Maternity Photographer; Richmond-Upon-Thames

Mireille wanted natural shots to capture her pregnancy in the wilds of Richmond Park. Whist she lives in Hampstead Heath, Mireille came down to visit me in Richmond, and together we walked through the long grasses and across the meadows, stopping every so often for me to capture her in a gentle and peaceful way.

I'm in awe of what women are capable of, how strong our bodies are and how focused we can be when awaiting the unknowns of labour, birth and beyond. And I love the anticipation and excitement in maternity photography, it is such a fleeting part of our journey as mothers and so rarely do we take the time to celebrate what we are capable of through images.

Documenting the journey from inside to outside the womb is truly the greatest gift and I was very lucky to capture Mireille after her baby had arrived with a newborn shoot. I'll share her newborn shots soon but for now, here are some of my favourites from her Maternity session.

Whilst I'm based in Richmond-Upon-Thames, I work all over London and beyond. I'm happy to travel if you're excited about having me and my eye capture you and your loves. If you'd like to find out more about booking a home or location session with me, whether it's a maternity and pregnancy photographer you're looking for or you're interested in birth, newborn or family photography, do drop me a note. I'd love to work with you.

All photographs are copyright Little Kin Photography: Baby, newborn and family photographer in Richmond, Surrey, London.

Family & Baby Photographer in Richmond Park, Richmond-Upon-Thames

The majority of the shoots I do for client's outdoors are set within Richmond Park in the pretty pocket of London, Richmond-Upon-Thames. It's not just because it is local to me that I love to shoot there. It's because there are so many hidden corners to get lost in and ample space to loose the rest of the world for a while and find a quiet spot to relax and just be. Children seem to feel at home when they are surrounded by nature. Simplicity, it seems, is both calming and familiar to little ones, and with acres to explore within the park itself and the fact it is left wild in so many places rather than manicured like many other London Parks, there is always something to see, animals to spot and open space to explore.

This peaceful family photoshoot with baby Ernest and his parents was one very bright and hot morning in August. I was worried it would be too hot for a baby and too bright for me to get really great shots but we found a beautiful shady tree to curl up under, and the rest of the magic this family conjured up themselves.

My favourite kinds of photoshoots are the ones where people let themselves forget I am there for most of it and allow me to be an observer of their time together. That is always when I find myself catching the purest of emotions, the most intense chemistry and the true spirit of a family.

If you'd like to me to capture you and your baby or family, either in Richmond Park or elsewhere in London or Surrey, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

All photographs are copyright Little Kin Photography: Baby, newborn and family photographer in Richmond, Surrey, London.

Maya and Chloe one year on in Kew Gardens, Kew

I photographed Lola during her pregnancy with her twin girls and then again, I captured them as a family of four just after the babies arrived.  So when she contacted me to book in a 1 year old session I was over the moon. I love seeing my families again and again, tracking their growth and blossoming.

The twins were so much bigger than the teeny tiny newborns I photographed 12 months ago. Now crawling and exploring their environments, making their mark on the world around them and taking it all in. Here they are amongst the bluebells and blossom one sunny morning in Kew Gardens this springtime...

All photographs are copyright Little Kin Photography: Baby, newborn and family photographer in Richmond, Surrey, London.