Focusing on Mama

My lovely friend and fellow photographer Emily and I were lamenting over coffee a few weeks back that we didn't feature in any of our family picture albums as we were always the one taking the pictures. We thought it was somehow ironic that despite being photographers, our children would have little record of us in their photo archive except for the odd blurry phone selfie we'd taken while one of our babies tried to wriggle out of our arms.  And so we came up with the idea to do a family session swap, focusing on getting us mums into the frame at long last.

We both love shooting outdoors so it seemed fitting to captialise on the beautiful golden light of late autumn and head off to Richmond Park for our sessions. 

I am so honoured to have captured these real moments of tenderness and warmth between Emily and her family.  Some of the shots I took that afternoon are right up there with my favourite mama/child pictures.

I am also so very grateful to Emily for being given the opportunity to be on the other side of the camera with my own little ones. The pictures from both our sessions are ones I will always hold close to my heart. You can see the session Emily did for us here.